12th of July: Before we launched CICPA EVENT 2019

Before the “CICPA EVENT 2019 Inspired by nature” started, the preparations were endless. The first parallel stages took place in both partner countries: Lithuania and Poland. Local communities and organizations together with project partners determined which of the initiatives and works carried out by CICPA project from 2018 to present at the event in Poland together with partners from abroad.

On Thursday 11th, very late in the evening, the Polish delegation of the CICPA project went from Stepnica to Goleniów (West Pomerania) to welcome over thirty participants from Lithuania who came together to prepare the CICPA EVENT 2019.

On Friday morning, preparations at the venue started in full swing. The Polish-Lithuanian group divided into two smaller teams.

The first of them, consisting of representatives of the Cultural Center in Kretingale, the folklore band of Grajus and residents of the Kretingale district, began rehearsals for cross-border performative actions inspired by nature, legends and fishing traditions. The rehearsals, led by the theater team „W Krzywym Zwierciadle”, took place in the Community Centre of Culture in Stepnica, temporarily occupied by floristic workshops and preparations for the annual event „Days of Stepnica”. It was beautiful, cheerful and very international.

The second team consisting of Project Partners, representatives of the Klaipeda Region and the Karkle Community Association went on a field trip to the Odra Delta Nature Park, presenting the ways of using Natura 2000 as model areas for implementing projects of cooperation, informal education and nature conservation management.

The knowledge collected during this trip will be used during the formation of partnership agreements between the Polish and Lithuanian regions which run the CICPA project.

In the afternoon both teams gathered in the Community Centre of Culture in Stepnica, where they were welcomed by the Mayor of the Municipality, together with his Deputy, Financial Officer and the Chairman of the Municipality Council. Then there was an important meeting at the administrative level, which discussed the form of international agreements that will be signed by local and regional self-governmental authorities as a product of the CICPA project.

However, this important day for our regions did not end with official meetings.

The target groups of the project went to the R. Hilgendorf Yacht Marina, where on Saturday 13th July CICPA EVENT 2019 will begin, and on Friday the official opening ceremony of „Days of Stepnica” takes place. In the background, the Magic of Queen concert, and the Polish-Lithuanian CICPA Team is preparing to great promotion of their joint activities.

Photos by Piotr Krywan.