Interreg South Baltic – towards new perspective

The new programming period 2021-2027 of the Interreg South Baltic Programme is currently under development. In 2020, the Joint Programming Committee (JPC) and 2 Working Groups (WG) have been established. Since then, members of the JPC have met 6 times (3 meetings in Q1 2021) and working groups 13 times (6 meetings in Q1 2021). […]

The second life of the CICPA project in Lithuania: in times of viral slowdown.

The last joint CICPA project event took place in suburb of Gdansk in the last days of February 2020, just when the first information about the spread of the new coronavirus in our part of Europe reached us. Luckily, CICPA team could say good bye till another joint activity ingeniously. In two weeks, the quarantine […]

Have you seen our ALBUM yet?

In March 2020 we released a special album. You can use it to learn about fantastic places where project activities took place and to get to know the organizations that were preparing the CICPA project. The album presents step by step a way of cooperation, in which the main role was played by using nature […]

December meeting in Lithuania

The CICPA project – Common Initiatives in Conserved and Protected Areas means really common activities. Sometimes in the form of large outdoor events, sometimes during joint workshops, but sometimes during cosy meetings of the project partners. This was the case in December 2019 (December 5-7) when a representative of Society For The Coast – Kazimierz […]

New initiative in Karklė

New initiative in CICPA’s Lead Partner community! Administration of Seaside Regional Park in Karkle (Lithuania) together with University of Klaipeda and Klaipeda botanical garden have planned to show how beautiful local wild plants can be in citizens gardens. Unique sand plants typical for local Natura 2000 species will be adopted to grow in gardens. Exposition […]

12th of July: Before we launched CICPA EVENT 2019

Before the “CICPA EVENT 2019 Inspired by nature” started, the preparations were endless. The first parallel stages took place in both partner countries: Lithuania and Poland. Local communities and organizations together with project partners determined which of the initiatives and works carried out by CICPA project from 2018 to present at the event in Poland […]

Wonderful CICPA EVENT 2019 Inspired by Nature

Cooperation is an extraordinary art. The combination of talents, skills, personality, commitment … sometimes comes out naturally, other times you have to fight for it. Common Initiatives in Conserved and Protected Areas is our magical connection. Non-standard cooperation of organizations, institutions and people who whatever create, get inspired by nature. Joint effort of CICPA organisations […]

Unique event inspired by Nature! 13th of July – save the date!

CICPA Partners and projects local communities have a pleasure to invite you to beautiful Polish-Lithuanian picnic inspired by Natura 2000. “CICPA EVENT 2019 Inspired by Nature” is an effect of collaboration of Lithuanian and Polish communities living and working on areas covered by Natura 2000. We mutually learn from ourselves that valuable natural areas mean […]

CICPA in 3 minutes

Watch CICPA movie and meet some of our Polish-Lithuanian networking activities! Did you like it? Send your feedback to

Forum of the Szczecin Lagoon launched by CICPA!

On Thursday, 21st of February, Society For The Coast, Woliński National Park and Community Centre of Culture in Stepnica, in cooperation with the Mayor of Stepnica Municipality, invited self-governments, institutions and NGOs from all communities and elderships located around the Polish coast of Szczecin Lagoon, West Pomerania, to the Conference „Common Initiatives in Conserved and […]

Cross-project dissemination meeting, 13th-14th of November 2018, Rostock, Germany

On 13th-14th of November, representatives of CICPA project visited cross-project workshops organised by the LiveLagoons project representatices. LiveLagoons aims to implement new, environmentally friendly techniques to help improve water quality in the eutrophic lagoons of the southern Baltic Sea. For this purpose, innovative floating islands will be used for wetlands that serve through a system […]

CICPA Study Tour for local actors, 28th-30th of September, Cedynia, Poland

This was very busy but successful weekend for our project. Representatives of partners, associated partners and project target groups from Lithuania and Poland took part in CICPA Study Tour, dedicated to sharing experience on a field of cross-border cooperation and building relations on different sides of borders. We started on Friday 28th in Cedynia with […]

CICPA EVENT 2018 8th-9th September 2018, Karklė, Lithuania

“Menkine” is not only a name of fish. It has been a catchword of the first Lithuanian-Polish CICPA Event, fantastic cultural  meeting in Karklė (Lithuania), organized by participants of CICPA project.Menkine = cod = dorsz. Fish from Baltic Sea, which could be a kind of a living symbol of our project. What can we get […]

The first Lithuanian target group seminars, May-July 2018, Karklė

The first Lithuanian seminar for CICPA target groups was held on May 4 in Karklė, the premises of the Administration of Seaside Regional Park. Partners, Associated Partners and local project’s target groups, have met two weeks before the first Polish-Lithuanian CICPA workshops. Representatives of the Karklė community, Regional Park staff, EUCC Baltic office staff, foresters, […]

CICPA on South Baltic Annual Event in Klaipeda 23rd-24th of May 2018

On 23rd-24th of May, Lithuanian and Polish representatives of Common Initiatives in Conserved and Protected Areas (CICPA) participated actively in all planned activities during South Baltic Annual Event in Klaipeda: plenary session, roundtables, workshops and social events. It was very optimistic and well organized event, which gave us possibility to present one of the youngest […]