CICPA Partnership

CICPA partnership is a commitment of joint goals to reach and common ideas to realize. Partnership is built of Partners mutual experiences on different fields and feeling of a need to improve something else together. There was no coincidence in our case. Project was invented, step by step, by Lithuanian and Polish organizations and enriched […]

Project Partners

Lead Partner: Administration of Seaside Regional Park (Lithuania) Administration of Seaside Regional Park was established in 1997 as governmental budget institution, the department of LR Ministry of Environment. Administration of Seaside Regional Park is funded by the LR budget; also, it has its own earned (from visitors’ tickets, different services) resources. The main activities are […]

Associated Partners

Municipality of Stepnica (Poland) Municipality of Stepnica is an extremely picturesque area of 294 km2, located in the west-north part of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, also on the waters of the Szczecin Lagoon. 39.8% of the surface is covred by water, 30% by forests and 30.2% by fields, meadows, wetlands and peat bogs. The community […]