CICPA Partnership

CICPA partnership is a commitment of joint goals to reach and common ideas to realize. Partnership is built of Partners mutual experiences on different fields and feeling of a need to improve something else together. There was no coincidence in our case. Project was invented, step by step, by Lithuanian and Polish organizations and enriched by Associated Partners, all representing different sectors (Public administration, Protected Areas Management, Culture, NGOs). Each organization has its own motivation to be a part of CICPA, but also each has particular role in participation. 

CICPA partnership consists of ten organizations: four Project Partners and six Associated Partners.

Project Partners:

  • Administration of Seaside Regional Park (Lithuania) –our Lead Partner
  • EUCC Baltic Office (Lithuania)
  • Society For The Coast (Poland)
  • Community Centre of Culture in Stepnica (Poland)

Associated Partners:

  • Wolinski National Park (Poland)
  • Municipality of Stepnica (Poland)
  • West Pomerania Regional Landscape Park (Poland)
  • Karkle Community Association (Lithuania)
  • Ecological club “Zvejone” (Lithuania)
  • Kretingale Eldership (Lithuania)

Responsibilities for particular activities are divided between Project Partners and Associated Partners, depending on their experience, professions, locations and interests. For example: organizations with huge experience in international workshops will prepare meeting agendas and help local communities in organization process. Professionals from nature departments will be responsible for Natura 2000 regulations support and sharing good examples of cooperation between communities and institutions. Municipalities will ensure all tools for local stakeholders to initialize cross-border long term cooperation but also together with Partners representatives will take care of arranging venues and services for cross-border events.

Budgets of Partners are also built as a common system. Project Partners from host regions contribute by ensuring all needed services to representatives of all Associated Partners and stakeholders from all target groups, to enable their full involvement on each step of project implementation.