Conference „Common Initiatives in Conserved and Protected Areas. Over the water, around the Lagoon” and Forum of the Szczecin Lagoon

Society For The Coast, Woliński National Park and Community Centre of Culture in Stepnica, in cooperation with the Mayor of Stepnica Municipality, have a pleasure to invite to the conference
 Common Initiatives in Conserved and Protected Areas. Over the water, around the Lagoon.

The meeting will be devoted to the capacity of developing local and international activities of municipalities and organizations located over the waters of the Szczecin Lagoon. The conference will be a part of the project „CICPA – Common Initiatives in Conserved and Protected Areas”, co-financed by the European Union, from the European Regional Development Fund, as part of the Interreg South Baltic Programme 2014-2020.

The CICPA project aims to encourage and support representatives of local authorities, institutions, associations and other local actors in building international cooperation, based on the use of valuable natural areas, in particular within the European Natura 2000 Network.

The aim is to increase involvement in cross-border initiatives between local representatives responsible for the most important activities in their regions, related to the use of natural areas, such as fishery, forestry, agriculture, tourism services, education, culture, arts and crafts.

One of the results of actions taken so far is the initiative to create a “Forum of the Szczecin Lagoon”, which could be a common platform for exchanging experiences and creating new projects facilitating the joint development of municipalities and communities located in valuable and unique natural areas, such as the coast of the Szczecin Lagoon. The idea of the Forum is therefore addressed to self-government institutions, but also to all those groups that contribute to sustainable development on a local scale with their daily work. The forum is also a good place to establish direct contacts and share ideas or challenges.

The conference will take place on Thursday, February 21, 2019 at 11:00 in the Museum of Nature of the Wolinski National Park in Międzyzdroje, str. Niepodległości 3c.

The conference will be held in Polish.

For more information, please contact the project manager in Society For The Coast, Mrs. Martyna Rabska-Osipowicz.
E-mail: or
Mobile: +48 506 045 571