The first Lithuanian target group seminars, May-July 2018, Karklė

The first Lithuanian seminar for CICPA target groups was held on May 4 in Karklė, the premises of the Administration of Seaside Regional Park. Partners, Associated Partners and local project’s target groups, have met two weeks before the first Polish-Lithuanian CICPA workshops. Representatives of the Karklė community, Regional Park staff, EUCC Baltic office staff, foresters, Kretingale eldership, Klaipėda University representatives, Klaipėda district TIC director, Rumšiškės folk household museum chief specialist and other participants got involved into cross-border cooperation and network planning.

The second CICPA Lithuanian target group seminar took place on July 18th. again in Karklė.

Fishermen, chairman of the Sport Fishing Club, Karklė Seniūnaitė and other community members, entrepreneurs from Karklė, Seaside Regional Park staff, EUCC Baltic office staff were invited to this seminar.

During both thematic seminars, participants had the opportunity not only to get acquainted with the South Baltic Programme, the objectives and tasks of the CICPA project, but also to gain practical knowledge, search for interesting and useful information on the issues of landscaping, planting and organizing outdoor mass events in protected areas within Natura 2000 network.

During the thematic seminars, representatives of Lithuanian target groups shared their experience related to the above-mentioned topics, presented their problems and possible solutions.