Unique event inspired by Nature! 13th of July – save the date!

CICPA Partners and projects local communities have a pleasure to invite you to beautiful Polish-Lithuanian picnic inspired by Natura 2000.

“CICPA EVENT 2019 Inspired by Nature” is an effect of collaboration of Lithuanian and Polish communities living and working on areas covered by Natura 2000. We mutually learn from ourselves that valuable natural areas mean not only strict environmental protection, but also opportunities to earn and CREATE! We have connected Lithuanian and Polish groups of people, organizations and institutions that make the most use of natural resources in their business, for example: fishermen in Karklė and fishermen on the Szczecin Lagoon (Odra Delta), artists and culture animators from the Community Center of Culture in Stepnica and from the Culture Club in Kretingalė, education specialists from the Seaside Regional Park in Karklė, Odra Delta Nature Park in Czarnocin and Woliński National Park in Międzyzdroje, tourist entities from partnership communities.

All these people are proud to present their great input into cross-border event focused on joint sustainable nature exploitation.

The event will take place on 13th of July in Robert Hilgendorf’s Marina in Stepnica, (Western Pomerania, Poland). Terrain of event is surrounded by old trees, shallow waters and Fishermen Harbour. We start at 3 p.m.

Take your friends and family and come to meet us, try Polish and Lithuanian flavours, get inspired by sounds and colours and relax in natural surroundings of this valuable area.

Whatever you do with us, you will be inspired by Nature!

“CICPA EVENT 2019 Inspired by Nature” will be held in Polish and Lithuanian, but we also speak English and German, so do not hesitate to visit us. More details soon. Just save the date 🙂