Wonderful CICPA EVENT 2019 Inspired by Nature

Cooperation is an extraordinary art. The combination of talents, skills, personality, commitment … sometimes comes out naturally, other times you have to fight for it. Common Initiatives in Conserved and Protected Areas is our magical connection. Non-standard cooperation of organizations, institutions and people who whatever create, get inspired by nature.

Joint effort of CICPA organisations and target groups has created a miracle that proved to hundreds of visitors of “CICPA EVENT 2019 Inspired by Nature” that cooperation and networking is worth pursuing a common goal.

Cross-border cooperation projects and the Interreg South Baltic Programme have interested visitors through cuisine, music, joint creation of handicrafts, competitions, shows, presentations and conversations.

The main event has started on Saturday 13th of July 2019, at 3 p.m. with official opening held by Vice Mayor of Municipality of Stepnica and Vice Mayor of Klaipeda Region.

Target groups presented their international works in four thematic zones on of “CICPA EVENT 2019 Inspired by Nature”:

1- CICPA PEOPLE: presentation of target groups, project partners and associated partners, presentation of CICPA achievements and examples of joint Polish-Lithuanian practice on Natura 2000 areas, Forum of Szczecin Lagoon, dialogue table…

2- South Baltic NATURE: photo exhibition form Karkle, educational games and fun with three networking Parks: Seaside Regional Park (Lithuania), Odra Delta Nature Park (Poland) and Woliński National Park (Poland)…

3- ARTS & CRAFTS Inspired by Nature: Lithuanian amber and copper crafts, macrame, wreaths, paper wicker, recycling workshops – all combined with conversations about nature and culture of partnership countries. With lovely attention of Community Centre of Culture in Stepnica, Równe Babki, Kretinagales Culture Club and Karkle local community. Theatre “W Krzywym Zwierciadle” presented cross-border performance prepared with Lithuanian and Polish CICPA participants. Rehearsals took two days and results were great.

4- CUISINE Inspired by Nature: joint preparation of Polish and Lithuanian regional snacks and meals, live cooking of fresh Polish-Lithuanian code soup (delicious!), CICPA SPICE workshops and amazing corner of Lithuanian taste and flavours – 100% natural and unforgetable, prepared by Karkle local community and Kretinagales Culture Club.

All four zones were opened till 7.30 p.m.

In the meantime, parade of musicians and actors from Poland and Lithuania crossed Stepnica, from the beach to event location.

Polish and Lithuanian music bands added a special mood to the event.

Grajus (Lithuania), Age Band (Lthuania) and Tsigunz Fanfara Avantura (Poland) presented great level of folk, rock and groove.

CICPA EVENT 2019 has officialy finished at 8 p.m. But CICP participants took part in the evening attractions offered by “Days of Stepnica Municipality 2019” – the host of event location. Nearly 3000 of guests came there to see live concert of BIG CYC (well known Polish rock band) – that was great promotion for CICPA and Interreg South Baltic Programme.

Evening finished with fantastic performance of “Stepnickie Ognie” – the fireshow group that initiated its artistic activity during the CICPA project, and precisely within our project it held its first foreign premiere!

Photos by Marcin Bielecki.